Belgrade airport "Surcin" is located about 20 km west of Belgrade. It is currently undergoing extensive renovations and rebuilding, in order to become the largest hub for airtraffic in this part of the world. After passing passport control and picking up your luggage you will find yourself at the international arrival entrance. Exit the building, and to your left you will see bus/coach stop. Buses leading to the city center are operated by the "Lasta" company (white coloured with blue LASTA letters). You may buy the ticket on the bus for 120 dinars per person (about 2 USD or somewhat less than 2 euros). Buses regularly leave the airport on integer hours (5 am, 6 am, 7 am, etc.) from 5 am to 10 pm. After 10 pm they still operate, but they are waiting for the arrival flights before leaving the airport. the endstop of the bus circuit is the Slavija Square, in front of the "Slavija" hotel, close to the conference site (see below).

Once at hotel "Slavija" you are within walking distance (15 min) to the conference site. You need to cross the street to the right of the hotel (in fact, two hotels sharing the same name, a new and an old one) and go uphill following the tram line. The third corner will be a large junction (corner of Beogradska and Bulevar kralja Aleksandra streets). Cross the street and turn right; the hotel Metropol will be about 100 m in front of you, the conference site is 200 m, and the student dormitory some 500 m away.

We understand it can be difficult to reach the conference site with heavy luggage. Taxis/cabs are quite unlikely to drive such short distances at a reasonable price, so your best choice is to take a tram. There are two tram stops at the square, and we recommend the one nearest to the new "Slavija" hotel. There you can use lines #10 or 14 and travel a single stop with them. You can buy tickets from the tram driver for 20 dinars (about 0.4 USD or 0.3 euros). In any case, you will find yourself within 100 m of the conference site.

There are other buses you may choose to reach Belgrade, notably the line 72 of the city transportation, although it is less conventient for the conference participants. The endpoint of the line 72 is at Zeleni venac bus station, from where you can take the city taxi/cab to the conference site for additional 2-4 euros ($2.5-5).

You can rent a car at the airport (all major car-renting companies, including Hertz, have their offices in the airport building, very close to the arrival entrance). Avoid using taxis/cabs from the airport! They are likely to overcharge you and the bill might as well be over 50 euros, quite disproportional to the distance involved.


If you arrive in Belgrade by train, you will already be very close to the city center at the time of arrival. Leave the station at any exit and you will find yourselves close to the tram line. There are two very close tram stops near the railway station. Go to the stop nearest to you, and choose the car running on the track closer to the railway station (in the right hand side direction). You can use tram lines #2 and 7 to reach the conference site. Depending on your choice of the tram stop, you will ride the tram for either 2 or 3 (in case of line 2) or 3 or 4 stops (line 7). You can buy tickets from the tram driver for 20 dinars (about 0.4 USD or 0.3 euros). After you get off the tram, cross the street and you will easily find both the hotel "Metropol" and the conference site. If you want to go straight to the student dormitory just stay on board for one more stop. We shall try to meet as many conference participants in person as possible.

Have a nice trip!

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